Dancing around the budget

This was the lone editorial in today’s Washington Times. Highlights:

* … an increasingly restive Republican base [is] furious at passage of the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill last month.
* If the Republicans think they’re fooling anyone in their much maligned base, they’re wrong. Evidence mounts that the suckers have got the message. The Republican leaders dangled the promise that if the party could only get a Republican president to go with a Republican Congress, there would be no limit to the good things. To their consternation, they got what they said they wanted, and no doubt were befuddled and disappointed when they did. With all the pieces having fallen into place, it’s as difficult as ever to achieve long-sought goals.
* All that’s required to balance the budget is the will to do it, and if that will were available there would be no need for a constitutional amendment. Everyone can see the stakes, that one of these days, and it might be sooner than anyone thinks, China will cut off America’s credit, like disappointing the town drunk at the liquor store. Spending more than it takes in is a recipe for disaster even in the richest nation in the world. Neither Republicans nor Democrats are willing to make the hard choices required to balance the books.
* Without a balanced-budget amendment to hide behind, Republicans must find another excuse for taking another nap. With the midterm elections looming closer every day, a place to start would be putting an end to stopgap budgeting and actually enact a budget for fiscal 2019 before Oct. 1. We’re not holding our breath.

Source: The Washington Times editorial, April 19, 2018, p. B2

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